Milwaukee/Wisconsin Dells (July 2018)

    I took the kids on summer vacation to the Wisconsin Dells for their summer vacation.  It was a bit random.  I didn’t want to go south as we wanted to escape the 100F+ heat in Texas. So going north was the only option.  The Dells seemed like a good idea as they market it as the ‘Waterpark Capital of the USA.’

    Wisconsin reminded me a bit of Ohio – rolling hills, green forests and corn fields. Lots of wide open spaces. The Dells were nice – large lakes and canyons. The town of the Dells is built as a tourist town with lots to do with the kids – lots of side show attractions, kids activities, mini-golf and stuff.

    We stayed at the Kalahari Resort for the first couple nights, which was nice, but way too big, if you ask me.

    Luckily, we got bumped up to the Chula Vista the next couple nights from another hotel. I liked Chula Vista much better and their indoor Mayan themed waterparks. It was the exact sort of experience I was looking for in the Dells.

    Unfortunately, the dining scene was sort of a let down everywhere we ate for one reason or another – most of the staff and service workers were from Eastern Europe, Jamaica or China (strange). I guess that’s typical in resort towns, but it makes for uneven and low quality experiences as the staff has no vested interest in quality nor service.

    However, putting food aside, I personally liked The Dells better as a resort family destination than Orlando. We played mini-golf, shot paint ball guns, saw an old time waterski show (Tommy Bartlett) and played lots of video games.

    Milwaukee was ok – an old blue collar town on the upswing. The food, however, like the Dells, was a bummer. The only place I liked was Zaffiros Pizza, which is an old school thin parlor pizza joint.  Their pizza was exceptional.

    We attended a MLB game at Miller Park – the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Nationals 6-1. The park was nice but the food (again) sucked. It was such a bummer to pay $12 for a crap microwave quality hamburger.

    Weather was nice 70-80F most days, which was super nice.

    Some highlights in Milwaukee: Harley Davidson Museum and the Garcade Video Arcade.

    Overall, it was a good trip. Would I go back? Probably not. Too many other destinations to explore.

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