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October 2016

Kansas City: King of burnt ends BBQ

Kansas City, Missouri is a great town.  It’s not widely written about but it should be because it has much to offer.

It’s one of those off the beaten path midwestern cities that most people rarely visit, but I found it had many things to do and a rich history of American culture.  It’s a mid-size city, easy to get around and navigate for first-time visitors.

All around, the museums, eats and welcoming Midwestern type locals were a nice surprise.  I’m also a Ernest Hemingway buff.  KC is where he got his first job out of high school writing for the Kansas City Star newspaper, which was an influential newspaper at the turn of the century.

I came to KC primarily to see a band I follow (Sigur Ros) play at the historic Midland Theater in downtown.

Originally part of the Loews’ theater chain, it’s one of the grand old movie palaces built in the late 1920s.  It’s full of ghosts and remembrances of things past – it was like a museum itself.

In the style of French and Italian Baroque, it’s pretty much in original condition and it was a great venue to see live music.

It felt like going back in time a hundred years.

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