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November 2016

Electric Las Vegas

We made a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to check out an auto show with my brother.

As luck would have it, my brother fell into an opportunity to rent a Tesla Model S 90D for one day for less money than you think. The MSRP on the Tesla Model S 90D is about $105,000 dollars.  It was a fluke rental price we caught online, and the desk person was “shocked” we got it for so cheap.

We soon found out, driving a Tesla is unlike any other car – it’s a high end luxury machine. It’s solid and tight like Lexus and Mercedes Benz. Not a rattle or any loose parts on this electric sports sedan.

The Tesla key fob is a little plastic toy car with RF that opens and locks the car upon approach or leaving.  Cool.

Being electric with few moving parts, the initial acceleration is beyond belief – it makes driving fun, knowing you can dart in front of other cars.
It’s just like the YouTube videos –  pure excitement.

We decided to make a day drive to Hoover Dam to test it out.

As one of the most iconic hydroelectric power dams in the United States, it felt like the most suitable destination to take the Tesla.

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