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April 2017

Los Angeles – Spring Break

This spring, I made a quick trip to Los Angeles, California where I lived for awhile in the late 1990s.  It feels like a lifetime ago, going back to my old haunts to remember times past.

I usually make it back to SoCal about once a year.  It’s always a good experience seeing friends, eating at my old favorite joints.  I truly miss the perfect 75F weather every day – it makes you want to go outside, unlike here in Texas.  But the cost of living is beyond my comprehension, and it certainly has changed.  Nothing stays the same.

The my agenda for this trip was to see some old friends and attend a concert at the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

On this trip, I shopped on Rodeo Drive, walked around Melrose Avenue, discovered IMAX virtual reality, drove up to Malibu and pull up next to Neil Young, ate at my favorites Bay Cities Italian Deli and El Coyote, and had some amazing sushi at Sugarfish by Nozawa.