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August 2017

Colorado Summer Adventure

I took my two sons on a week long trip to Colorado, along with my brother. We needed a summer getaway somewhere and Colorado came to mind. I had previously only been there in the winter.  It had been at least ten years since I last visited for skiing. I’m a terrible skier, unfortunately.

In travel planning, Colorado seemed like a better alternative weather wise to somewhere else like Florida, which I’ll never visit again in the summer. Too hot. We had no firm plans except to spend the first four days in the Colorado Springs area. It seemed like a good starting point. Everything always seems to work out when I “make it up as a go” and I enjoy the freedom of an open itinerary.

The weather was a bit hotter than I expected – around 85F – but without any humidity, it was still enjoyable. Compared to 100F in Texas, it was still a noticeable difference.

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Favorite Austin Area Cheap Eats – Top Ten

Instead of writing about fine dining and other exotic eats that others can write about so much better, this post is going to be about where I like to eat every day for cheap eats.

It’s what I eat when I take my kids to pick up diapers and toilet paper at Costco – I eat what is nearby.  None of these places are ever too busy and I can always grab a quick bite for cheap.

When I’m on the go by myself or with kids, I usually sort of end up eating “what’s around” instead of going out of the way.

It’s a bit of a challenge because I live in the suburbs of Austin, which is a food desert, although it has improved in recent years.

In no particular order, here are some of the places I usually go:

  1. Costco: for $1.99 a slice, best pizza for the value.  Kids love it.
  2. Big Cat BBQ: excellent Cedar Park BBQ joint in a strip mall, brisket is superb.
  3. P King Chinese: quick, fast good Chinese, better than most.
  4. In-N-Out Burger: we finally got one, and it’s as good as always.
  5. Velvet Taco: oh, yeah, this Dallas chain has elevated tacos to gourmet levels.
  6. Torchy’s Taco: my favorite taco place of all time.  Their queso kills.
  7. Salt Traders: gourmet seafood, happy hour is great bargain.
  8. Rudy’s BBQ: the classic Austin standard BBQ by which all others are measured.
  9. Mad Greens: super fresh salads with house made dressings.
  10. Verts Mediterranean Grill: yummy Mediterranean inspired bowls and wraps.

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