Favorite Austin Area Cheap Eats – Top Ten

Instead of writing about fine dining and other exotic eats that others can write about so much better, this post is going to be about where I like to eat every day for cheap eats.

It’s what I eat when I take my kids to pick up diapers and toilet paper at Costco – I eat what is nearby.  None of these places are ever too busy and I can always grab a quick bite for cheap.

When I’m on the go by myself or with kids, I usually sort of end up eating “what’s around” instead of going out of the way.

It’s a bit of a challenge because I live in the suburbs of Austin, which is a food desert, although it has improved in recent years.

In no particular order, here are some of the places I usually go:

  1. Costco: for $1.99 a slice, best pizza for the value.  Kids love it.
  2. Big Cat BBQ: excellent Cedar Park BBQ joint in a strip mall, brisket is superb.
  3. P King Chinese: quick, fast good Chinese, better than most.
  4. In-N-Out Burger: we finally got one, and it’s as good as always.
  5. Velvet Taco: oh, yeah, this Dallas chain has elevated tacos to gourmet levels.
  6. Torchy’s Taco: my favorite taco place of all time.  Their queso kills.
  7. Salt Traders: gourmet seafood, happy hour is great bargain.
  8. Rudy’s BBQ: the classic Austin standard BBQ by which all others are measured.
  9. Mad Greens: super fresh salads with house made dressings.
  10. Verts Mediterranean Grill: yummy Mediterranean inspired bowls and wraps.



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